Is the time right to talk Strategy?

BLog post 2If, or when, the time is right, you may want to bear this in mind: About 10 years ago, while I was working as Chief Marketing Officer for DPD Group, we decided to use the Strategic Thinking Process of a consulting company – previously unknown to me – that had been highly recommended by the then COO, Kay Phillips.

So impressed were we with the results of this Strategic Thinking Process that we worked with this consulting company on two further occasions during the next few years. In Spring 2015, Paul-Marie Chavanne, Chairman and CEO, DPD Group, attested: “In 2008 our EBITDA was approximately 7% of our revenues, today it is about 10%. Our revenue is approximately 60-70% higher. We increased our EBITDA by 30% in terms of income and sales. This concept of hybridisation – B-to-B and B-to-C in the same network – is directly the fruit of that DPI session”.

That consulting company was called DPI (Decision Processes International) and, to coin an old phrase, I liked the company and its processes so much that I bought it (well, the European arm of it!) in 2013.

Why is DPI so different to other consultancies?

As a client of DPI our management team really bought into DPI’s refreshing approach to consulting. Instead of delivering hundreds of slides and telling us what we needed to do, DPI has a tried and tested process that extricates the knowledge and thinking of the senior leadership team, so that they create the Strategy for their business. It makes sense and one of DPI’s earliest clients sums it up perfectly in the following extract:

“I have been exposed to McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group and to Bain & Company. They are all very capable and I’m sure they have a good product that’s extremely impressive and I’m sure intellectually they’re also very sound. The only problem is their product is not of the people, by the people, through the people. It’s not owned by the people who later have access to it. It is an alien product, no matter how well it relates to the company. That’s why it fails. I think, intellectually, they might even come up with a better product than the process we are using. But when it comes to executing it, they are miles behind DPI. It’s simply ownership. We as human beings do what we believe in, and we do that with enthusiasm. If somebody else tells us something to do, we might do it, but don’t expect any enthusiasm”. (Taken from ‘The New Strategic Thinking’ by bestselling author and DPI founder, Michel Robert)

Over 3,000 clients have been using DPI’s processes repeatedly for over 35 years. Our clients will almost always tell us that we have exceeded their expectations and without breaking their budget.

So, if the time’s right and you need a bullet-proof, future-proof strategy for your organisation, get in touch and let’s have an exploratory, non-committal conversation about how DPI’s Strategic Thinking Process could transform your business.