Ten Deadly Sins That Lead to Corporate Extinction

by Michel (Mike) Robert — Founder, Decision Processes International

“It’s easy to develop a strategy, it’s the implementation that’s difficult.” This is a statement we have frequently heard over the years. Our own experience proves that the exact opposite is true. If a CEO thinks that he or she has a solid strategy, and yet it’s not being implemented, only one of two things can be happening:

1) The management team doesn’t know or understand the strategy (it’s very difficult to implement a secret strategy).

2) If the strategy is understood but still not being implemented, it’s because some members of the man- agement team don’t agree with it and may, in fact, be trying to sabotage it.

In our view, there are ten deadly sins that an organization can commit that will inevitably lead to one of these two conditions, and eventually to cor- porate extinction.

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