Speaking Engagements

John Acton has translated the success in his role as Executive Vice President of the global DPD Group to become the Managing Partner of his own consultancy. Recently described by Dee Blick, FCIM Chartered Marketer and #1 best selling business author as a ‘compelling and engaging public speaker’, one of John’s keynote speaker highlights was when he shared a speaking line-up with Richard Branson at Poland’s inaugural entrepreneurs conference where he presented on Strategy to an audience of c5,000 people in June 2013.


Subjects which John has a passion for sharing his experience and insights on:

One of the three measurements that tells you almost everything you need to know about your organisation’s overall performance.
The motivation behind why John decided to develop this Award Winning, proprietary iPad software and the value that the results will bring to both an organisation, its people and its customers.
A different approach.
Creating a sense of awareness around any business’ vulnerability to a Stealth Competitor.
The Corporate Fountain of Youth.


Having sat on both sides of the Corporate/Consulting fence, John enjoys sharing his experiences, highs and lows, wins and losses during the past 30 years. With a strong marketing background, his strengths are in igniting live debate, provoking thought or simply prompting his audience to ask themselves if they could be doing some aspect of their role better is what drives John’s passion for business and continuous improvement. All of the above with a well placed injection of humour. Please contact us for more information.