Pelotoning – Brainstorming


Pelotoning is a fresh approach to brainstorming, using unique and intuitive, simplified mind-mapping, proprietary iPad software.

Pelotoning is for businesses who want to rapidly harness and organise the ideas and expertise of their people in order to move their business forward, with maximum “buy-in”.

Within a workshop or conference the delegates brainstorm freely, either around a key topic of their choosing or to address specific business questions or challenges to be tackled.

Pelotoning stems from the cycling term “Peloton”. Where a group work seamlessly together to achieve a shared goal. Leadership of each brainstorming topic changes throughout the brainstorm to ensure momentum is optimised.

“On average, a one-hour DPI Pelotoning Brainstorming session with approximately 50 participants will uncover 180 ideas, issues and opportunities.”


At the end of the session they can then instantly “share” the mind-map, using WiFi. All maps are seemlessly aggregated onto the moderators iPad for instant “playback” to the entire group. These “playback” sessions are truly unique, allowing the moderator to share all ideas and validate understanding. The sense of 360° involvement takes workshops to a new level. A full report is generated within 48 hours detailing all mind-maps, key messages, recommendations and actions.


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