Jacques GauvinJacques Gauvin
DPI Partner, Canada

Jacques is first and foremost an entrepreneur. For 15 years he worked as President and CEO of his family’s print shop, directing the operations of the company including accounting, marketing, production and human resources management. It is his talent as a facilitator, motivator and coach that caught the attention and the admiration of all who know him.

Alongside his career in printing, he was vice president and founding member of the Regional House of Industry, in Sherbrooke, Canada. He has also acted as advisor to the Minister for SMEs of the Government of Canada.

He was President of the Group of Quebec Business Leaders where he developed his incomparable talent as a facilitator. As chairman of this group of entrepreneurs, he was taken to France, where he organised and conducted workshops where company presidents shared their experiences. Anxious to learn, Jacques studied for a degree in business administration.

In 1992, with his degree and experience, Jacques joined Decision Processes International (DPI).