How to be, not just a leader, but a transformational one

Blg post 4Leadership is rooted in the ability to think critically, instill such practices in others, and engage the entire organisation in critical and aligned thought in the areas of strategy, innovation, and implementation.

In the years ahead the need for critical thinking is only going to grow. The dynamics of global competition have shifted significantly, and the rate of change will continue to accelerate, resulting in tougher and rougher conditions “out there.”

In the face of stiff competition from across the globe, it is tempting to cry foul and blame losses on low-cost competition, unreasonable government policies, or those playing to new and unfair rules. But that is the very nature of competition! Our view is that the losers are simply being “out-thunked.” Thinking has become the lost skill of the losers.

To avoid being outwitted, decision making needs to improve at all levels, requiring systematic, creative, collective critical thinking to be pervasive in your organisation. It is your role as a transformative leader to make this happen. If you can, you will already be halfway to supremacy in your chosen sandbox.