What you actually need, what you actually want

BLog post 21) Are your basic needs met?
2) Are you intellectually stimulated?
3) Do you have a family?
Scoring three yeses is paradise; two yeses is what you need to be happy, and one yes is what you need to survive.

In 1943, the psychologist Abraham Maslow published a ‘hierarchy of needs’ model. He categorised human needs as follows:

– physiological needs (eating, sleeping, warmth, sex)
– security (somewhere to live, job security, health, protection against adversities)
– social relationships (friends, partner, love)
– recognition (status, power, money)
– self-actualisation (individuality, realising personal potential, but also faith and transcendence)
The first three of these are basic needs. If they are satisfied, a person no longer thinks about them. The last two are aspirations or personal growth needs; they can never really be satisfied. The pyramids model becomes interesting if we contrast our aspirations with our needs.

BLog post 2Rule of thumb for the Western world: the things we desire the most are the things we need the least.

Taken from The Decision Book, Mikael Krogerus & Roman Tschäppeler